Mitchelstown cavesMichelstown Caves were discovered in 1833 when a farm labourer called Michael Condon was quarrying limestone and dropped his crowbar into a cavern. On the 13th September 1875 Timothy Mulcahy became the owner of the farm on which the cave is situated. Mr Mulcahy took a keen interest in the preservation of the cave. Fortunately the cave has remained in the family ever since. Major work was started in the cave in 1969. Electricity was installed in 1972 making it the first cave in Ireland to have an electric lighting system. The result is a wonderland of muted colour. The cave is now open daily throughout the year and the temperature remains constantly at 54 fahrenheit.



Where is it Located
Mitchelstown Cave is located midway between Cahir and Mitchelstown just off the N8. (Exits 12 or 11 on the M8).

Distance From Key Cities:

Cork 40 minutes
Dublin 2 hours
Limerick 1 hour
Waterford 1 hour 15 minutes
Kilkenny 1 hour 15minutes
Killarney 1 hour 30 minutes
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