Mitchelstown_BusinessMitchelstown Business Association (MBA) adopted their new constitution at the open members meeting which took place on Tuesday, May 18.

Work is now commencing on creating a comprehensive business directory for the town. Over the course of June a questionnaire will be distributed to all MBA member for completion. The information provided will be loaded to our newly developed website.

Mitchelstown has a dynamic and energetic Business Association which provides support for existing businesses and any new businesses who wish to locate in the town. Mitchelstown Business Association is committed to the promotion and development of Mitchelstown in a positive and enterprising manner. The Association has been in existence since 1986 and continues to increase its members.

There are currently over 90 registered members of the Business Association and new members are always welcome.

At the recent AGM, the Executive officers and committee were re-elected.

The MBA has taken an active role in ensuring that the town is presented in a positive light and is the driving force behind many new initiatives, including increasing the amount of parking in the town, a customer loyalty card, marketing the town on all major routes in and out of town and providing the conduit between business and the local authority.

The Business Association also collaborates with the various festivals in the town such as the Festival of the Galtees and Mitchelstown Good Food Festival among others. The Business Association also plays an active role in providing Christmas Lights for the town.

The Business Association is also a very active member of the Mitchelstown Forum which as the umbrella group representing all organisations in town has the responsibility for improving the town both socially and economically.